tqw is constructed along the lines of touching and being touched this week. we experienced scores#1:touché at first hand. it's an artistic-theoretical parcours at the threshold of touching in dance and performance. 
shifting from slow motion into electrifying movements choreographer rachid ouramdane engendered a tension that fulfilled the room. his piece loin ... was built around themes dealing with identity, perception, time and the foreign. an autobiographical production with documentary aspects, visual installations and an interplay of silence and rhytmical beats, where the observer became part of the journey. we' ve got the impression that in every motion lay expression and a sense of disunity. it felt real and honest. 
later on at the afterparty (with an outstanding buffet, by the way!) people had the chance to swap ideas and exchange opinions. and so did rachid ouramdane. he seemed to really care about other people's view. an enjoyable evening with nice atmosphere! We were happy to witness it! touché!

girls at the afterparty
smile at your sister meets tragwaren meets tanzquartier
see lena wicke-aengenheyster (right) performing in "monsterfrau" at wuk on the 8th of may, within the frame of jacuzzi

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