we got under the charm of sarah assbring aka el perro del mar. with her beautiful, melancholic tunes combined with moving lyrics she builds a piece of art around her thoughts. sarah has three albums, el perro del mar (2006), from the valley to the stars (2008), and  love is not pop (2009), tours the world and spreads out her magical sounds. despite all that she found some time to answer our questions. get to know el perro del mar!
hi sarah, we would like to know more about you and your work. what is the thing you like most about making music? what does music in general means to you? and is there a song of yours you feel in a way the most connected to?
i like the way making music makes me feel like nothing else around me matters; like i'm walking on air. feeling like that is a thrill that never fails me and that's what music in general means to me too. it's the same feeling i had when i was a child and it's the way it's going to be i hope. my song 'change of heart' was a very instant write and no matter how many times i hear it i guess i feel that way still. you don't feel that a lot about your own music.

what are the things in daily life that moves you the most?
waking up to a new day and feeling happy about a sunny day. feeling good about the smaller things.

you do live performances around the globe, travelling, seeing new things. is there a place you definately want to visit again and again and again...?? and if so, why's that?
 i can't get enough of new york, paris and stockholm. those are the cities i hold closest to my heart. i don't need any other cities. but i feel like i never want to stay at one place. i prefer stopping for a while, getting the best of it and soaking it up, to leave for another place. i'm not entirely sure why i feel like that about those three places. i guess there's something they have in common - the way of making me feel safe but still intrigued, inspired and challenged.

what would you define as a "perfect day"?
i prefer days that only happen as you go along but this set-up would be
a sweet one: long long breakfast at gitane's in new york, long walk in the sun along the water at djurgården, stockholm, shoe shopping in all three cities, wine and cheese plate at le progrés in paris, visit at the mets in new york followed by dinner with friends at balthazar's in new york. what happens after this is less important. some sweet bar in a springy stockholm perhaps?

when will we be seeing you performing in vienna :)? (we are looking forward to it)
i'm hoping real soon! i think my first and only (so far) show in vienna was cancelled. Invite me!

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