we like those guys. all the more we are curious about the girl behind these characters. we assume eva krusche never sleeps. how could she otherwise create tons of paintings and illustrations, design shop windows, take part at group exhibitions, run workshops for kids and find time to answer our questions?

hi eva, we wondered about where all your characters come from. they seem a bit sad and at the same time they are deeply heart-rending. are they something like your little companions?

yes, in some way they are. they carry my feelings and thoughts. they just come out of me, i have no control over them. and maybe you are right, they are affected by world weariness.

where do you take your inspiration from?
life, love, people, colours, chocolate, cities, loneliness, calmness, beer, music, conversations, feelings ...

how is your approach to canvas and walls? do you sketch in the run-up or do you like let things slide more?
i don´t sketch at all when i paint on canvas. just at walls i imagine the motive i´ll going to paint previously. primarily i take care about the proportions. when i got them i let my creativity run wild. when i make sketches it always looks different anyway.among a lot of other things you design skateboards. do you skate?
some years ago i did more. at the moment i go snowboarding from time to time. generally i like the culture connected with skateboarding.
a friend of mine gave me his old skatedecks years ago. i really enjoyed the work with it, so i have to do it on and off ;)

what´s your current project you work on? is there any upcoming show?
i just finished my degree dissertation. it contains an illustrated book which will be presented next week. in april i have an exhibition at basementizid gallery in heilbronn and in summer you can see one in augsburg. otherwise i have to get used to be no student any more.

we don´t worry about your future and wish you all the best for your degree show!

... and we are very proud of our own eva krusche-smile at your sister-buddy :)

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