where the wild things are. nor electricity nor water ... but lots of snow. it took some time to make a fire. but we didn't freeze after all, as you can see.

get to know pedro. he was quiet a cheeky reindeer, but he was my favourite.

the little, fluffy, cute babies from the huskycamp. i still regret not to take them with me.

trees looking like snowy monsters sticking out the ground.

a huskytour through the woods of northern-sweden. rule number one: never let go off the sleigh!


back from sweden with a bunch of nice pics, showing incredible landscape, tons of snow and my new hairy friends. can't think about better companions throughout a journey up in the north. whether by sleigh, snowshoe or ski it's impossible not to fall in love with this country immediately ... that's for sure. but be careful to go "just" by foot ... you might sink and get stuck and that could be a pretty cold wet affair, I can tell.

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