we want to introduce one of the most respected girl in the austrian hiphop / breakdance scene. she won reams of titles and appeared in different commercials. she did a load of choreographies and danced in various music videos for stereotyp or the pussycat dolls. we are talking about the girl whose mexican auntie compared her energy with that of a duracell bunny – make some noise for daniecell!

hey danie, you are a dancer for more than ten years now. please tell us about the aspect you enjoy the most about being a professional dancer.
the most beautiful thing is to meet a lot of nice and interesting people while working at different places. in the last years i got a lot around and i learned to appreciate the advantages of working project-oriented.

does your job reflect in daily things?
oh yeah! i´m totally addicted to training and i cannot stand still when music plays. besides i have no circadian cycle.

so what´s your absolute favourite song you love to dance to right now?
that´s a song from wu tang clan, a remix of smooth criminal.

are there any moves which are totally easy and at the same time very impressive?
it´s all about the feeling. if it feels good it looks good.

do you have any tips for people who are unable to keep choreographies in mind? needless to say that this question is totally unselfish.
haha, for sure. for example make up a story. like: imagine going through the window then turn right, do a slide, then jump and so on. and it´s always helpful to know different combinations of steps like rock steady or pas de bouree. professional dancers had trained their pick up so far, that they automatize every move while learning single steps.

okay thanks, we will try this next time. let´s talk about your plans for the future.
yeah, sure! at the moment there are proceedings for a youth project in germany. i love this form of projects. at the end of the rehearsels every one had collected new experiences and you can formly see how the dancers grow together to a kind of family. i will do the artistic direction and choreographies.
and not to forget my own dance crew D.M.C. we will create a great performance in summer like we did last year.

with this outlook for summer we put on our dancing shoes and start to practice, uff!

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