there we went. three girls, seven boards and 1080 km to go. we didn´t exactly know what to expect but we knew it will be remarkable. so it was. surrounded by an impressive mountain scenery the third women in boardsports retreat in saas-fee brought heaps of interesting and inspireing women together. we met to listen, talk and to get to know different approaches to the boardsports scene from a female view.

for us one of the deepest going talks was held by cori schumacher. cori has won as good as all titles you can win in surfing. she´s a surfer who achieved this success without having any sponsor, confidently. cori drew our attention to the fact that female athletes in boardsports are rather sold over their visual nature than over their ability and creativity.

sophie friedl held another moving talk. she introduced skateistan and provided insight to the world´s first co-educational skateboarding school. besides talking about her work as teacher in kabul she gave us an understanding of the actual situation in afghanistan. if you´d like to get to know more about sophie and skateistan click here.

another talk we would like to highlight is the one held by christine waeber. her company bluesign takes a stand for sustainable ways in the production of clothes and offers different operating processes to reach this demand.

it hardly needs mentioning we weren´t in saas-fee just to talk and listen. we went there to have fun as well, of course. pro skateboarders mimi knoop, jenna selby and lucy adams took us by their hands and showed us how to make ollies and rock the mini ramp. these ladies are all running projects to inspirit the female skateboard scene.

we asked pro surfers, skateboarders and longboarders to finish following sentence: doing boardsports means to me ...

tamara prader, longboarder, switzerland
... freedom, nature, being with friends, happines, balance, adrenalin, fun ... phon! the neverending list of positive feelings that make you feel alive! ... let´s get our boards!

cori schumacher, pro surfer, california

jenna selby, pro skateboarder and photographer, great britain

lucy adams, pro skateboarder, great britain

mimi knoop, pro skateboarder and multi-media artist, east coast

this great event is due to carmela fleury and daniela mayer. you make the world a happier place.

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